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A little preparation before an interview can help you land that job.

A solid interview can help you stand out from other applicants with similar skills and talents. However, your interview time is limited, and it can be challenging to show you have the skills employers want and the emotional intelligence that makes you an ideal fit for the position.

  • Preparation and post-interview best practices can increase your chances of landing your desired job.
  • In a good interview, you’ll share your professional story and ask insightful questions.
  • Excellent communication – both verbal and nonverbal – is critical for a successful job interview.
  • This article is for job seekers who are looking for actionable ways to maximize their job interview skills.

Most people are hesitant to ask an interviewer to clarify a question, according to Sara Sutton, CEO and founder of the job listing website FlexJobs. They may be concerned the interviewer will think they’re being inattentive. However, ensuring you thoroughly understand the question can help you give a thoughtful, relevant response. “Try to paraphrase the question and say, ‘Is this what you’re asking?’” Sutton advised.

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